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Frequently asked questions

Oh, just a simple, totally understandable hobby where you create invisible money by solving impossible math problems, which somehow ends up consuming more electricity than a small country. Absolutely intuitive.

First, you'll need to find a magical internet marketplace where you trade real money for digital coins that you can't hold, touch, or put in a piggy bank. It's like buying a piece of the moon, but with more steps.

Sure, as safe as leaving your house keys under the doormat in a neighborhood of lock-picking enthusiasts. Just remember your password is your new best friend; lose it, and your digital fortune becomes a generous donation to the void.

Imagine a diary that gossips about itself to everyone and updates so often that once something's written, it's practically set in stone. Now, imagine that diary holds the key to your financial future. Comforting, right?

Absolutely! You can use it to buy anything from a pizza to a penguin, assuming the seller accepts your specific flavor of imaginary internet money and you're okay with transaction fees that might cost more than the pizza itself.

Because creating a new cryptocurrency is the digital equivalent of printing your own Monopoly money, except sometimes people actually start trading real money for it. It's the gold rush of the 21st century, minus the gold.

Just throw a dart at a list of cryptos; it's pretty much the same as any financial advice you'll find online. Or, you know, follow the one with the cutest mascot. Everyone loves a good doge.

It's what you tell yourself as your digital investment rides the roller coaster of market volatility, essentially turning you into a digital age philosopher pondering the existential crisis of your bank account.

It's like a regular wallet, but instead of losing it in a taxi, you can lose it in a hard drive crash. And instead of someone physically stealing your cash, they can hack it from halfway across the world. Convenience at its best!

Sure, just as soon as we figure out how to tip the valet with Bitcoin or pay for a garage sale find with Ethereum. Until then, enjoy explaining to your grandma how to transfer digital coins into her digital wallet for her birthday gift.